Rxchange.co.uk: The Pharmacists stock market
Rxchange.co.uk: The Pharmacists stock market

Enter the name or part of the name of the product to find


Are there any demos I can watch?

Yes. You can see the system in action here.

How do I find stock?

Now you can quickly find stock that other UK registered pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers no longer require.
Just enter the product name and press 'Find'. You can be more specific by filling additional fields. You can browse alphabetically or view the latest stock.

You can use Rxchange to manage the whole sales process, including accepting offers, tracking your orders, creating invoices and delivery notes. Full contact information for the buyer is provided if you wish to contact them directly.

How do I add stock?

Now you can list stock you no longer require and it will be instantly available on the web. When a buyer makes an offer on your stock you will be notified by email. You will also be notifed when you log into your Rxchange account.

Your stock information will be automatically adjusted when you accept offers on it, or if any stock expires.

How do I manage my stock?

Click 'Sell Stock' to view your current listings, then edit or delete lines as required.

Do I need a user account?

You do not need an account to browse available stock, but in order to view contact information for the stock you need an account with a current subscription. Only pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers registered in the UK can create an account.

You also require an account to add or manage stock. To buy or complete sales you require a current subscription. Subscriptions cost from 12.99 +VAT per month.

What do you do with my company details?

Company details are required to confirm appropriate registration details, preventing unauthorised use of the site. It also provides confidence that buyers and sellers are UK registered pharmacies, wholesalers or manufacturers.

If required, we will use this information to block 'rogue traders'. (We reserve the right to terminate the account of any company failing to observe the terms of use).

How do you confirm I am registered in the UK?

We use professionally accredited data sources to ensure users are eligible to trade on this site. While we will do our best to ensure that only legitimate outlets deal on this site, you must ensure you are satisfied with the credentials of the parties you trade with. See our terms of use. Please report abuse of these terms to abuse@Rxchange.co.uk

What happens once I've found an item?

Click on the location of the product. Assuming your subscription is up to date the contact information will be displayed.

You can use Rxchange to manage the whole purchase process, including making an offer and tracking your order. Full contact information for the seller is provided if you wish to contact them directly.

What stock can I add?

You can add any 'in date' Ethical or OTC pharmacy stock, including dressings and surgical appliances, except 'CD Lic', 'CD POM' and 'CD No Register'. The stock must have been stored correctly. Patient returned medication must NOT be added under any circumstances. To do so is an offence and failure to observe this will result in immediate cancellation of your account and may be reported to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB).

Non medicinal stock can also be added (for example fixtures and fittings or cosmetics etc.)

How much stock can I add?

The amount of stock you can upload is unlimited. Please contact us if you would like to bulk upload your stock information.

Who can add stock?

Any pharmacy, wholesaler or manufacturer with a current subscription and registered in the UK can add to the stock list.
We allow anyone to browse stock, but only users with a current subscription can view the contact details of a particular line.

Where's my stock item gone?

We automatically delete stock from the system once the expiry date has passed.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Only pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers registered in the UK can view the location of stock. You may also create a 'public' email address which automatically forwards mail to an email address of your choice.
We do not hold any credit card information on our systems.