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Rxchange.co.uk: The Pharmacists stock market

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What is the Rxchange XML data feed? Beta Feature

The Rxchange XML data feed allows system developers to embed Rxchange search results directly into your business application. This is ideal for determining the availability, price and location of stock listed on Rxchange but have the results displayed in your format, in your application.

The data feed searches on the product name (or first part of the name) that you provide and the results are sent back as XML.

Search requests are sent using GET or POST to:

The results are returned with the following markup:

<item name="Avandamet 4/100 Tablets 56" strength="" pack_size="" form="" qty="8" key="0.00364500 123306398" seller="" lat="" lng="" url="http://www.rxchange.co.uk/buy.php?prod_name=Avandamet 4/100 Tablets 56" updated="20090127144845" />
<item name="Alvedon" strength="250mg" pack_size="10" form="suppos" qty="1" key="0.00491800 124048289" seller="" lat="" lng="" url="http://www.rxchange.co.uk/buy.php?prod_name=Alvedon" updated="20090423123532" />
<item name="Advagraf 5mg Capsules" strength="5mg" pack_size="50" form="Capsule" qty="2" key="0.00545000 123668774" seller="" lat="" lng="" url="http://www.rxchange.co.uk/buy.php?prod_name=Advagraf 5mg Capsules" updated="20090310134703" />

This is a beta specification and offered as a free service. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw it without notification. Please contact us if you are using the feed and we will endeavour to provide early notice of planned changes.


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